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Our Services

Services encompass complete room and board as well as daily living skills. Emphasis is placed on teaching a variety of life skills depending on the needs of each individual, as well as providing training to assist residents in reaching their potential to become as independent as possible.

Supported Employment
This program’s intent is to work with an individual to ascertain what employment they may be interested in pursuing.  Each individual’s needs, interests, skill level and desires are assessed and matched with a job within the community.  Job shadowing, Job development, and Job discovery are utilized to provide a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity for employment.

Residential Services
These individuals often live in their own apartments or homes throughout the supported community living. These individuals will live in a home in the supported community living that is rented from a landlord in the community with 4 to 5 other roommates. WESCO provides staff support for all aspects of residential life, including banking, cooking, shopping, healthcare, transportation recreation, and community inclusion. WESCO Industries also maintains a higher level of residential care with the operation of a 13-bed Residential Care Facility (RCF-ID)

Adult Day Services
Our NOVA program (Nurture Opportunity Value Accessibility) is designed to maintain a higher level of activity for an individual to postpone or, in some cases, prevent the need for long-term care in a nursing home. Activities are structured throughout the day and can include trips out into the community. The NOVA facility is located near WESCO’s new main administration building and is available weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. This program can also be utilized by individuals suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, physical disabilities, and those who may be socially isolated. A mid-day meal is provided, as are structured activities, exercise, mental stimulation throughout the day, and assistance with toileting, medications, eating, and walking.

Adult/Children Respite
This program is designed to offer relief to parents and caregivers in a 1 on 1 setting. Respite can be provided at the parent/caregiver’s request to include nights and weekends. This program allows parents and caregivers an opportunity to recharge, run errands or focus on other children while the individual is cared for in their own home or within WESCO’s Respite Center.

Day Habilitation
This program is designed for individuals with a desire to explore and discover new things. Trips are planned throughout the surrounding communities with a strong focus on volunteering in business’ and nonprofit organizations. The activities vary widely and offer a large number of options for the individual.  WESCO offers this program daily, Monday through Friday.

Transitional Living
The purpose of the Transitional Living Center is to provide short term (up to 90 days) housing and support for an individual who is coming out of hospitalization, mental health crisis, or homelessness who needs to redevelop skills to be successful in the community of their choice.  Any needed services are put in place for each individual including mental health, funding, substance abuse, and counseling.

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Seeing so many individuals succeed in life and being able to transition back into the community is the best part of my job. - WESCO Industries Employee
They can't tell you when you start this job there may come a time where you find you're more comfortable surrounded by people with developmental disabilities than when you are with the general population. But it happens. - WESCO Industries Employee
Until someone has had their own experience with someone with a developmental disability, they just won't understand. - WESCO Industries Employee
I’m so grateful this job became my purpose, my passion & part of my identity. WESCO Industries Employee