A Positive Reinforcement Model

PEARL is a Proactive Treatment Interaction that WESCO Industries has adopted into its culture. It is can be defined as “a social exchange between individuals that is intended to result in greater independence, autonomy, or inclusion for the one the individuals in the exchange.” PEARL is an acronym for Positive Early All Reinforce and Look, using non-technical words that are easily identifiable to most people, each component is backed by behavioral research or common sense which supports its inclusion. PEARL represents an applicable way to identify and describe components of desired human service interaction in a way that can be trained, understood and used by persons in helping roles. Its general interactional style is intended to provide the basis or foundation for anything else we do in the name of human service. Contact WESCO Industries to learn more!

“R. has made tremendous progress in the WESCO program.  Staff go above and beyond to always find a positive and encourage him to learn from his mistakes.  Day Hab has been a great environment, with so many fun things to choose from and also the opportunity to give back to the community.   Just a lot of good people working together to help R. mature and gain confidence and success.”

Antonia was observed walking out of the door and waiting for a peer. Antonia held out her arm for said peer and walked her to the bus. Staff noticed Antonia now does this on a regular basis. Antonia is positive with peer and has a lot of patience with her. Antonia looks for ways to build her bond with her peer. Great job Antonia!

Staff nominated Dawn because they read the s-comm sent out by Dawn about helping out a co-worker when they were in need of medical help, but also the help she received from two Coordinators. She expressed how WESCO is a great place to work and we all need to remember that from time to time.
Dawn was POSITIVE in sending out an s-comm in regards to how much she likes her job and how we should all be grateful for the job we have at WESCO.
Dawn was EARLY in that she responded to a co-worker who wasn’t feeling well. She came in to the Site to relieve her, but then needed to take her to the ER due to her condition.
Dawn let ALL people know of this situation as she felt everyone needed to be aware of what benefits/family they have at WESCO
Dawn REINFORCED the camaraderie within WESCO between members, co-workers and Coordinators.
Dawn LOOKED at the situation when she was made aware of it and made the decision to help her co-worker/ friend in need.