Business Services

Employment Services

Employment Services
WESCO offers a variety of jobs through our Employment Services Program for individuals with disabilities. This service focuses on developing work skills by performing job tasks for contracted work. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Janitorial services
      • $25 per hour
      • Day or night
    • Job Development
    • Career Exploration
    • Worksite Assessments
    • Job Discovery

This broad array of jobs for individuals with disabilities allows them to learn a variety of different skills that they could later use in community employment. It also gives them a greater opportunity to obtain specific job skills that are needed by employers in the Denison community.

Enclave Supported Employment
This program provides solid basic support and training in a group setting out in the community, but remaining under a WESCO contract. An example of this would be cleaning teams supervised by a WESCO employee for an area business.

Supported Employment
WESCO offers many supports in our Supported Employment Program, including job placement, on the job training, job discovery, employment searches and application submission support. While the focus of Enclave is a group setting, the major focus of this program is on community employment with area business’, with individuals receiving intensive training and ongoing support through complete independent job placement.