A Positive Reinforcement Model

PEARL is a Proactive Treatment Interaction that WESCO Industries has adopted into its culture. It is can be defined as “a social exchange between individuals that is intended to result in greater independence, autonomy, or inclusion for the one the individuals in the exchange.” PEARL is an acronym for Positive, Early, All, Reinforce, and Look, using non-technical words that are easily identifiable to most people, each component is backed by behavioral research or common sense, which supports its inclusion. PEARL represents an applicable way to identify and describe components of desired human service interaction in a way that can be trained, understood, and used by persons in helping roles. Its general interactional style is intended to provide the basis or foundation for anything else we do in the name of human service. Contact WESCO Industries to learn more!

2024 PEARL Award Winners

WESCO Industries nominates team members and individuals for the PEARL Awards who represent the ideals of inclusion and helping others. Here are our award winners for 2024:

Jackie Galdamez

She has been a joy to communicate with on behalf of any scheduling needs. She is respectful and is always willing to pitch in and help when needed, med passes, extra shifts, or even just assistance at any home. The individuals she works with enjoy having her as a staff and is respected in the homes where she works.

Tabby Woebke

I would like to nominate Tabitha Woebke for PEARL. She looked for ways to find a different situation for an individual, she went and got apartment applications on her own and filled them out for him. She ensured all the paperwork was completed with all necessary documents. When he was approved for the apartment she knew his belongings could be moved because of the deterioration of said furniture and she organized for several people to donate furniture and made sure she was there on her time off to get the apartment set up. This individual has no one else in the work who looks out for him and Tab went above and beyond to make sure he was taken care of. Thank you, Tab!

Ron Carey

I would like to nominate Ron Carey for PEARL. He does such a great job with Antonia and making her feel safe in the home. He supports her through times when she is upset and wants to leave. He helps calm her down and also jokes with her to help make her feel better. Thank you, Ron!

Megan Peek

Megan was very quick to jump into action when she arrived at a member’s home and when they opened the door, the member collapsed. Megan caught her and lowered her to the ground. Megan called 911 and then her supervisor and Nursing staff. Megan kept the member calm until paramedics arrived. Megan called the member’s mother per the request. Megan knew the member felt most comfortable with her and did a great job of keeping everyone informed of what was happening. Thank you Megan for being positive in the situation.

Kelly Rauche

Kelly is so helpful at Site 21. She is great with the clients and has built great relationships with all of them. The individuals in Site 21 all really enjoy when she works and she is fun to watch interact with them. Kelly is particularly good at dealing with NH. NH does a lot to test the boundaries and patience of Staff and Kelly never lets that rattle her or get in the way of giving NH the best care possible. She handles all behaviors with her in a very calm manner and looks for ways to ensure the behavior can be avoided and ensure NH is safe. She is just a great calming presence in the home and is very proactive at the same time and we appreciate that very much!

Megan Peek & Tabitha Woebke

Two SCL members were recently taken to CCMH ER for medical emergencies. Tabitha and Megan were both present in the ER when the on-call manager and nurse arrived. When Tabitha and Megan left to get home before the storms, they both called/texted to check in and ask for updates and advocated for the members. Tabitha, on her time off from work, went to check on her individual in the hospital to make sure she had everything she needed. She kept both her supervisor and the case manager up to date. Great job ladies!

Jaydon Kinney

I would like to nominate Jaydon Kinney for PEARL. Jaydon has been attending The WAVE daily without complaint! Jaydon is also very quick to assist with any moves and/or dump runs. He always says, “yes”, has a positive attitude, and works hard to get the job done! Jaydon is always respectful and a good friend to everyone! Jaydon is someone that everyone can rely on.

Jacob Wehr

I would like to nominate Jacob Wehr for PEARL. At the Group Respite Program, he is polite and friendly and also wants to help out staff at every opportunity. Jake likes to help take the trash out and be a helper. Jake tries to be a good friend to his peers and will try and play with different people. Thank you, Jake, for being such a good friend!

Troy Cantrell

Troy has been attending the meetings and signing up for activities without prompting. Troy has been observed having a good attitude and including others in the tasks that he does around The WAVE. Troy has been participating in more activities and brings joy to those around him while at his day program. Troy has grown and come a long way from where he was even just a few short months ago.

Brody Meyer

I would like to nominate Brody for PEARL as staff observed him comforting a peer when she was having a hard time. Staff observed Brody approach the peer when she was crying and went to hug her and rubbed her back. Brody is such a great hug-giver, and his peer enjoys his presence at The WAVE.

Lonnie Jahn

Lonnie was asked to go to NOVA and see a peer who was struggling mentally. He dropped everything to go over and see her even though he was getting ready to go out with his friends. he went to NOVA and took the time to make sure she was OK. He gave his peer a much-needed hug and conversed with her until she was calm. He helped her in a time of need and put her first instead of worrying about the outing he was going on. He was only worried that she was ok. Great job, Lonnie for always caring for others!!!

Bryan Sohler

I would like to nominate Bryan Sohler for PEARL. This was Bryan’s first year competing in Special Olympics Basketball. During this trip, there was another individuals that seemed to look up to Bryan. Bryan took him under his wing, let him wear his headphones, and be with Bryan most of the time. It was a little brother that Bryan never had! Bryan and this other individual seemed to start a bond. Bryan was patient and kind to this other individual. Thank you, Bryan, for all of your help on the trip- we enjoyed having you along!

Josh Geserich

I would like to nominate Josh for PEARL. During last week’s tornado warning, we all needed to congregate in his basement bedroom area. Although Josh is not usually a fan of people infringing in his personal space he was able to put this aside and be very accommodating to staff and peers during the warning. Josh distributed blankets, set up his laptop to watch the weather, took out phone chargers for phones, and arranged for places where people could sit. Josh’s response was perfect during a potential crisis situation and I would like to acknowledge him for that.

Seeing so many individuals succeed in life and being able to transition back into the community is the best part of my job. - WESCO Industries Employee
They can't tell you when you start this job there may come a time where you find you're more comfortable surrounded by people with developmental disabilities than when you are with the general population. But it happens. - WESCO Industries Employee
Until someone has had their own experience with someone with a developmental disability, they just won't understand. - WESCO Industries Employee
I’m so grateful this job became my purpose, my passion & part of my identity. WESCO Industries Employee