A Positive Reinforcement Model

PEARL is a Proactive Treatment Interaction that WESCO Industries has adopted into its culture. It is can be defined as “a social exchange between individuals that is intended to result in greater independence, autonomy, or inclusion for the one the individuals in the exchange.” PEARL is an acronym for Positive, Early, All, Reinforce, and Look, using non-technical words that are easily identifiable to most people, each component is backed by behavioral research or common sense, which supports its inclusion. PEARL represents an applicable way to identify and describe components of desired human service interaction in a way that can be trained, understood, and used by persons in helping roles. Its general interactional style is intended to provide the basis or foundation for anything else we do in the name of human service. Contact WESCO Industries to learn more!

2023 PEARL Award Winners

WESCO Industries nominates team members and individuals for the PEARL Awards who represent the ideals of inclusion and helping others. Here are our award winners for 2023:

Sherry Johnson

I would like to nominate Sherry Johnson for PEARL. On Saturday she was already off work when one of her SCL clients called her and needed assistance for a fall. Sherry did not hesitate and went right there and tried to assist her. When she couldn’t get her up she called the ambulance and they arrived. The client had a significant illness and was transferred to the hospital. Due to Sherry’s early response and quick thinking, she made sure the individual received the care that she needed and the incident could have been much worse. Thank you so much Sherry for all you do for your individuals and WESCO!

Johnny Rivas

There was a medical emergency with an individual at the NOVA and Johnny came over to assist, not because he had to or was asked to, but because he recognized that there was a medical situation and because he truly cares about the individuals and the team. Johnny has demonstrated this multiple times, even coming to aid a situation at the WAVE just to be a support for a staff in a sensitive situation. Johnny’s positive and helping attitude is a valuable trait. Good job Johnny!

Lee Armentrout

I would like to nominate Lee Armentrout for PEARL. Lee does not usually participate in activities with his peers at NOVA, Lee was sitting in the kitchen when his peers began playing bingo and Lee chose to not to participate then as he sat there he observed his peers were struggle so Lee was Early to help his peers. Lee sat in the middle of two of his peers and helped until they both got bingo! Thanks Lee for being a team player and a helping hand! NOVA appreciates you!

Brody Meyer

Brody recently observed his peer taking trash out to the dumpster behind The WAVE and he jumped up to help.

Brody was positive as he was smiling at his peer while helping.

Brody was early in seeing that his peer was struggling to carry both bags.

Brody helps all of his peers when they ask.

Staff has reinforced the importance of helping others and Brody has gotten a nomination on our shout out board for helping in the program.

Brody is always looking up to his peers at the program and trying to help! Yay, Brody!

Lynn Ross

I would like to nominate Lynn Ross for PEARL. Lynn is always willing to help other staff members out any way she can. She is willing to pick up and drop off clients, arrange schedules for clients to be able to participate in social activities and make work obligations. She does this effortlessly and without any consternation or ever a hint of frustration (even if she is asked to pick up the pieces and make everything work at the very last minute!). She is proactive and heads off behavioral problems or possible issues with clients. She tries to offer alternatives and choices to clients and has an immeasurably amount of patience. She is a great buddy house and is always willing to take on any need and head off any problems. She is a blessing to our clients and fellow staff members.

Kaylee Schrum

Kaylee has done a great job with handling many situations in Site 18. Kaylee has had to de-escalate many situations with a couple of the individuals that live in Site 18. There is many times aggressive behaviors from some of the individuals and Kaylee has handled herself in the best manner and kept her cool in SO MANY situations. Kaylee has steered the direction into something that got their minds off of what they were angry about. As I am guessing that Kaylee is relieved in some of the transitions of the individuals that will be taking place, I commend her for sticking through some very tough times with this individual. THANK YOU KAYLEE!

Ali Lembke

I would like to nominate Ali Lembke for PEARL. Ali remains positive with her clients at site 20 especially when members are “cycling”, site 20 is high care house and Ali is always happy/positive! Thank you Ali for all you do at site 20!

Dayna Beeck

I would love to nominate Dayna Beeck for pearl. She is positive with the individuals she serves. Recently over of her individuals had a major surgery and Dayna has went above and beyond to ensure everything is set up and going well for her post surgery.

Dayna also picks up many shifts in residential and never complains when she is moved around to accommodate openings. She will volunteer to stay late or work extra and doesn’t mind passing meds at other houses. Thank you Dayna.

Brice O’Connell

I would like to nominate Brice O’Connell for next months pearl. The Valentine’s orders came in the bag and staff asked him if he wanted to send one to anyone. At first he said no. I explained to him that he can send one to anyone, someone at the nursing home, or just a friend at the Nova – it didn’t have to be a girlfriend. He told staff he would send one to Keri Kotz; I thought that was so nice of him. Brice is always so nice and caring and always willing to help out.

Mike Lingle

Mike Lingle has been really tired but he came home today and saw that his new roommate was moving in and he did no complaining. He helped him move for 4 hours. He helped move his bed 3 times. He helped him organize. He helped him feel welcome and showed him around. He went above and beyond to make our new roommate feel like this was his new home and our new roommate had lots of smiles. I appreciate Mike putting others first and going above and beyond even though he had a headache all day and thinking of others first and I want to say thank you and nominate him for this award.

Karl McCall

Karl had gone to the Applefest in Woodbine with his peers and Staff. Karl went off on his own with one of his peers to look at the cars at the car show. After this Karl’s peer started to feel tired, and weak and Karl was unable to make a call out as there was not any phone reception in the area this day. Karl knew how to react and got his peer a bottle of cold water and had his peer rest and then brought his peer back to the main building and found Staff and assisted with getting his peer something to eat. Karl really watched out for his peer and was a big help to Staff this day. Staff also witnessed Karl running ahead of groups of people and holding the doors open for people in wheelchairs and Mothers with strollers. Way to go Karl!!!!!

Brad Buren

I would like to nominate Brad Buren for PEARL. Nursing was called over to The Nova for an emergency and Brad arrived at The Nova too. Brad was early in recognizing that he may be needed to assist with any kind of lifting. Brad stayed over at the Nova until he knew that everything was ok. When someone asked Brad if someone told him to come over as all management was gone, he stated “no”; that he did it in case his assistance was needed!!! The Nursing Department appreciated Brad coming over and helping!

Gus Elgers

I would like to nominate Gus for coming into Wesco and making a difference. He care about his guys and always goes above and beyond. He likes to get his guys to the city and he genuinely care about their goals and takes the time to explain to them why the goals are so important and he gives them such great feedback. He is great to set up cookouts and makes sure that he can get as many others from other houses to be able to go even though it is extra work. He is great to pick up extra shifts at extra houses even when he has not been trained. He is resourceful and a great asset to Wesco.

Krystal Wiebelhaus

I would like to nominate Krystal W. for dropping everything and attending to Josh after he had chemo and was in pain and he wanted her to come to his home. She had told him she would be a support person for him. He was having a panic attack. She was the only person that he wanted. He was scared and he only wanted her. She sat with him even though she was busy and she had a lot going on in her personal life and her work life and she should have been clocked out. I liked to see the care she had for him and the calm he had once she showed up. I just want to thank her for her going above and beyond in a situation that was scary for our individual.

Daniel Swearingen

I would like to nominate Daniel Swearingen for PEARL as he has always has a positive attitude when he works at Walmart. He has been helping the store to raise money for Omaha Children’s Hospital over the last few weeks and exceeded the amount of donations that he was asked to get. Daniel has been a team player and dressed up in a tutu and a smiley face costume to aid with raising extra money. Daniel always has a smile on his face and is really helpful to the customers and his coworkers.

Billy Steffen

I would like to nominate Billy Steffen. Billy was positive about picking up his peers, items on the floor. He was early to pick them up off the floor for safety so nobody would trip over them. Billy made known to all his peers he did a good job. Way to go Billy!!!! I would like to nominate Billy Steffen for Pearl. Billy was Early to recognized that a peer had their things all over the floor and was a tripping hazard. Billy Looked and noticed that the things needed to be picked up and had a Positive reaction and went and picked up the things that were on the floor and put them were they needed to go. Billy ensured that all the things were picked up and Reinforced that none of his peers would trip over them. Billy shared a smile on his face after helping a peer out.

Alex Medina

I’d like to nominate Alex Medina for a PEARL award. He stayed when he could have left work and helped out a newbie that he didn’t know. She was a way behind on dishes and he helped her get caught up and explained how to do the job more efficiently and faster to her.

Heidi Slechta

I would like to nominate Heidi Slechta for a PEARL. In working with Heidi, I have observed that she always treats each house that she works in, like it’s her own whenever she is filling in at a house. Heidi cares for each individual with her heart and is always following up with nursing to make sure that everyone is taken care of. Heidi was a huge help at Houses 18 and 13 as they had new people working there. Heidi is always excited about the new employees that are hired and reaches out to them, to make sure they are supported. Heidi is a good friend to her coworkers and has a good listening ear and always tries to be a problem solver, especially with her new role in the employee forum. I think that Heidi is a great example of a great and valuable Wesco employee.

Heidi goes above and beyond and is almost like a lead staff in not one but a plethora of houses. The well-being of the members is her primary focus at all times, and she is complete professional.

Steph Malone

Steph has been absolutely amazing getting down every final detail for the HardCor dance class!!

Steph takes individuals every single Tuesday to dance practice and has learned the routine and been practicing with individuals at The WAVE to help them prepare for recital!

Steph is always positive and has a smile on her face when taking individuals to dance class.

Steph has been early in getting picture forms and t-shirt order forms sent home to each family and house.

Steph has invited all of you to watch their performance at the Highschool!

Steph has reinforced the importance of being at each practice to help build confidence for their big day!

Steph is always looking for ways to help with dance. Steph picks up an individual at the Nova to ensure she has transportation to dance class.

Great job, Steph!!!

Mike Newton

Mike is a helpful and supportive roommate as well as an asset at work. He is a supporter and a helpful soul to those near to him, both peers and staff, and looks for ways to help daily activities run smoothly around him. Mike goes unnoticed doing all sorts of needed and necessary tasks and chores. He approaches staff when he sees a problem brewing in his home and takes action to try to make things better. He is a peace maker and a calming influence with others around him. Mike is the soft voice that can bring calm to a storm that is brewing or prevent a possible conflict. Mike will quietly work behind the scenes to make peace and harmony and works to avoid and stop conflict. He isn’t flashy or boisterous, but a positive and strong influence with others around him. He is a fierce protector and supporter of peers and staff. He thinks of others and performs so many little tasks for those around him, it is easy to overlook his impact and influence. When Mike is not around, is when a person realizes how much Mike is a PEARL kind of guy and how much Mike does to enrich the lives of others around him.

Renae Haake

I would like to nominate Ranae Haake for Pearl. Ranae was sitting in the van and took a ‘look’ at one of her peers and noticed that her peer was having a hard time with a seatbelt and assisted her peer with getting the seatbelt buckled. Ranae was ‘early’ to recognized that one of her peers was having a hard time with getting up from a chair and went and held the back of the chair for her peer while they got up from the chair.

Anthony Willprecht

Anthony is responsible for always leaving the house a half hour early for work. He also gets along with everyone in the house. Anthony does everything he needs to do. Such as he keeps his room clean all the time. Tony is respectful to his roommates and staff. He is also really funny.

Seeing so many individuals succeed in life and being able to transition back into the community is the best part of my job. - WESCO Industries Employee
They can't tell you when you start this job there may come a time where you find you're more comfortable surrounded by people with developmental disabilities than when you are with the general population. But it happens. - WESCO Industries Employee
Until someone has had their own experience with someone with a developmental disability, they just won't understand. - WESCO Industries Employee
I’m so grateful this job became my purpose, my passion & part of my identity. WESCO Industries Employee