Maria Gonzalez

Program Coordinator- Medical

Hi, my name is Maria Gonzalez and I am the Medical Care Coordinator at WESCO Industries.  I have been at WESCO since January 2020. I worked for WESCO in 2013 for about 2 years in the SE/SCL departments, but then decided to go back to college full-time to pursue my career as Nurse.  I am extremely proud of my accomplishments the last 4 years, and I am thrilled to be back as it is a great to be a part of this community. I have 2 children, my son Julian and a daughter Arlynn.

Seeing so many individuals succeed in life and being able to transition back into the community is the best part of my job. - WESCO Industries Employee
They can't tell you when you start this job there may come a time where you find you're more comfortable surrounded by people with developmental disabilities than when you are with the general population. But it happens. - WESCO Industries Employee
Until someone has had their own experience with someone with a developmental disability, they just won't understand. - WESCO Industries Employee
I’m so grateful this job became my purpose, my passion & part of my identity. WESCO Industries Employee