WESCO Industries’ NOVA Program Is Empowering More Individuals Than Ever Before As Organization Expands Program Enrollment

Denison, IA (September 23, 2021) – Focused on positively improving the lives of adults with complex needs and disabilities, WESCO’s NOVA program has broadened the scope of its services over the last year. Continuing to gain momentum, the organization is growing its Adult Day Service capabilities. With the growth in capabilities, WESCO can provide services to more individuals.

Called NOVA (Nurture Opportunity Value Accessibility), this Adult Day Service is an activity and community-based initiative that meets the needs of individuals who benefit from participating in a group setting. Based in Denison, Iowa, this program is designed to provide day services to individuals to improve their physical and mental functioning, prevent deterioration in functioning, and develop an individual’s self-sufficiency and personal independence. By being in a more enriched environment, NOVA also reduces instances of inactivity, loneliness, isolation, and social withdrawal. 

This program’s effectiveness is heightened by various partnerships within Denison and the surrounding communities such as the local community school districts, Western Iowa Tech Community College, and shared volunteer activities with Day Habilitation, such as The Free Little Library, through Denison’s Women In Business. From indoor strength-building activities & games to community outings, every day is an opportunity for individuals to become empowered. 

In the last year alone, WESCO Industries experienced a 16% growth in the Adult Day Services (ADS) program. Due to demand, the organization’s NOVA program has been expanded to serve individuals who may not just have an intellectual disability but those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The organization has been successfully fostering an environment that supports adults with a wide range of needs. 

“The demand for Adult Day Services in Crawford County and the surrounding areas continues to grow, and WESCO is one of the only providers around that can help support individuals in need of these services,” said Clay Adams, Executive Director of WESCO Industries. “Our NOVA program has a great team, and as the program grows, so does our ability to help those that can benefit from this service.”

WESCO Industries’ expansion of the program enrollment means that they are able to serve more individuals than ever before. Families, caregivers, guardians, and other agencies that are invested in this program should contact Deidra Brown at dbrown@wescoind.org.  

For more information about WESCO Industries and their Adult Day Services, please visit WESCOind.org.

About WESCO Industries

Established in 1966, WESCO Industries began its journey of providing community services by assisting a handful of individuals in Denison, Iowa. Since its founding, the non-profit company has transformed into one of the leading providers of disability services in Iowa, assisting nearly 150 individuals and employing over 100 dedicated professionals. Driven by the mission of ‘Empowering and Supporting People in Healthy Communities,’ WESCO Industries continues to expand services and programs to attain its goal of changing the lives of others. 

Seeing so many individuals succeed in life and being able to transition back into the community is the best part of my job. - WESCO Industries Employee
They can't tell you when you start this job there may come a time where you find you're more comfortable surrounded by people with developmental disabilities than when you are with the general population. But it happens. - WESCO Industries Employee
Until someone has had their own experience with someone with a developmental disability, they just won't understand. - WESCO Industries Employee
I’m so grateful this job became my purpose, my passion & part of my identity. WESCO Industries Employee